Kinder World Activity - (2020-12-12)

“Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star.” You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water. You need to have a vision and plan for a go ahead. Here are our young Swarupians beautifully portraying their dreams and aim.

Kinder World Painting Activity - (2020-12-07)

The kinderworld students showcased their talent and creativity through painting the plain canvas. A painting activity was organised on the virtual platform on Tuesday wherein the students enthusiastically participated. Amazingly, the enthusiasm among the participants was worth watching. It was a treat to see how the little artists creatively portrayed such beautiful paintings. The activity was like an extravagance for the little painters, as they have used their brilliance of painting blended with the perceptions displayed on the painting sheet. Further the way the little artists displayed the uniqueness and beauty of a green world was commendable.

Halloween Party - (2020-10-31)

Once again kudos to our Virendra Swarup Kinderworld teachers and students who came up with the VIRTUAL HALLOWEEN PARTY in which they not only dressed up in the theme but also performed at their best. Parents cooperated to such an extent that they helped their ward with the preparation of the these based food item. We are proud of the VSMT AND RSPS FAMILY. Here are some snippets—-

Kinder World Activity - (2020-09-17)

While working on the holistic development of the young Swarupians, their Fine motor skills to be enhanced—— they have been let to come up with the sand writing activity.

Kinder Word Red Day - (2020-09-21)

*Red is the ultimate cure for sadness* Here are the young Swarupian presenting themselves vibrantly on the RED DAY

Kinder World Activity - (2020-09-25)

It’s long been known that drawing something helps a person remember it. A new study shows that drawing is superior to activities such as reading or writing because it forces the person to process information in multiple ways: visually, kinesthetically, and semantically so some glimpse of our young & active Swarupians……

Kinder World Activity - (2020-09-26)

No weekend can stop the Swarupian’s from updating their skill sets!!! Here are the young Swarupian’s presenting different concepts that will be a value addition.

Reopening of school during Unlock 5.0 - (2020-10-19)

Reopening of school during Unlock 5.0

Tobacco Prohibition Workshop - (2020-03-07)

As per the CM directives, the officials visited our premises today to educate the Swarupians about the ill effects of the usage of tobacco. Tobacco use has predominantly negative effects on human health, like the development of oral cancers and precancers. Other health risks of chewing tobacco include gum disease, tooth decay and tooth loss, and possible links to other cancers and cardiovascular diseases. On behalf of the Management we convey our heartfelt thanks to the whole department for initiating such an educative measure.

Hindi Olympiad - (2019-11-15)

The Pride moment for our students and teachers to have bagged Second Position in India in the Hindi Olympiad that was held on 15 Nov 2019.

Science Olympiad - (2020-02-25)

Winners of the Science Olympiad along with the Class Teachers.

Farewell 2020 - (2020-02-01)

“Every successful person is born here.” Harsh Tripathi XII SCI The above words echoed throughout the aristocratic building of Ragendra Swarup Public School during the Farewell 2020. The day was mellow but the air rich as a touching farewell was organised by the students of class 11 for their seniors. The afternoon was a fiesta devoted to the years spent in Ragendra Swarup Public School with friends and teachers and to reminisce joyous moments. The skit, dances and the songs sung showcased the multiple talents of class XI students. The cherry on the cake was “Expresso with Sanskar Sharma.”

Fire Mock Drill - (2020-01-31)

“Do not let your future go up in smoke, follow fire safety measures” It has been a good initiative by the Fire Officer Mr. Umesh Gautam to have come to our school with his team for the fire mock drill and educating our students, teachers and other staff members about the fire safety measures.

Magic Show - (2020-01-31)

Magic, which encompasses the subgenres of performing art in which audiences are entertained by tricks or illusions of seemingly impossible feats using natural means. The Red Cross Society initiated to entertain the young ones using the means of a Magic Show performed by a renowned magician Mr V K Chauhan. We also invited some guest students from ABC Montessori Play School and Kilkari Play School along with their teachers as spreading smiles amongst the young ones is key to our happiness also.

Good Luck Havan - (2020-01-29)

The auspicious occasion of Basant Panchmi began with the Havan followed by the ‘Tilak Ceremony’ where teachers showered their blessings on the students who are going to appear in the board exams.They were gracious in bidding good luck and best wishes to their students.

Basant Panchmi - (2020-01-28)

An auspicious occasion of Basant Panchmi which marks the advent of the spring season and is also celebrated to worship Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge and wisdom, was celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm. The students were enlightened by the blessings of Maa Saraswati. The Kinderworld was full of vibrance due to the flashing yellow attire that they all were dressed into. During their special assembly, they were acquainted with the importance of this holy day.

Kinder World Garden Party - (2020-01-27)

As the Kinderworld students embark on their educational journey, learning in a play way method is not a luxury but fundamental. The young Swarupians had “Food Sharing Garden Party” today, where they learnt the importance of sharing, how to keep their surroundings clean and eat together.

Republic Day & Academic Award Ceremony - (2020-01-26)

Republic Day & Academic Award Ceremony

Science Exhibition - 2019 - (2019-12-07)

Science Exhibition - 2019

Teachers Training Workshop - (2019-10-05)

Teachers Training Workshop in RSPS

Dusherra Celebration - (2019-10-04)

Dusherra Celebration in RSPS

RSPS Achievers - (2019-10-18)

RSPS Achievers 2019

Janamasthmi Celebration - (2019-08-23)

Janamasthmi Celebration at RSPS

Independence Day - (2019-08-15)

Independence Day at RSPS

Independence Cup - (2019-08-17)

Independence Cup of Football

Shikhsa Diwas - (2019-07-25)

Shikhsa Diwas At RSPS

Parents Day - (2019-05-17)

Parents Day Celebration at RSPS

ISC Board Result 2018-19 - (2019-05-07)

ISC Board Result 2018-19

ICSE Board Result 2018-19 - (2019-05-07)

ICSE Board Result 2018-19

Founder's Day 2019 - (2019-04-22)

Founder's Day

Convocation - (2019-03-26)

Convocation of Kinder world

Christmas Day 2018 - (2018-12-25)

Christmas Day

Farewell 2019 - (2019-02-02)

Farewell Party 2019 at RSPS

Republic Day 2019 - (2019-01-26)

Republic Day Celebration at RSPS

Rock-Sports - (2018-11-24)

RockSports 2018

Children's Day Celebration - (2018-11-14)

Children's Day Celebration

Dussehra - (2018-10-17)

Ram-Leela & Ravan Dahan

Kinder-world Sports Day - (2018-10-26)

Kinder-world Sports Day

72nd Independence Day - (2018-08-15)

72nd Independence Day

Summer Camp 2018-19 - (2018-05-30)

Summer Camp 2018-19

Mother's Day 2018 - (2018-05-18)

Mother's Day

Founder's Day Celebration - (2018-04-22)

Founder's Day Celebration

KinderWorld Convocation Celebration - (2018-03-24)

KinderWorld Convocation Celebration


Kinder world sports day - (2017-12-22)

Kinder world sports day

Children's Day Celebration - (2017-11-14)

RSPS: Dance performance, Ramp walk, Songs,Poems by Teachers

Sports - (2017-10-10)

Exhibition - (2017-09-13)

Dance Competition - (2017-07-21)